When I make a donation of DKK 100, how is it used?

Every time DIGNITY receives DKK 100, DKK 37 is used for rehabilitation of torture victims in Denmark and internationally. DKK 52 is used to prevent torture and violence, DKK 3 is used to raise awareness, DKK 2 for management and only DKK 6 is used for administration.

When you support DIGNITY, the greater part of your donation is used in the fight against torture and for treating torture victims and other severely traumatised refugees in Denmark. In addition, we are represented in 20 countries where we cooperate with local partner organisations to fight torture and help torture survivors and their families to a better life.

Raising awareness and administration:

The more people who know about DIGNITY, the more people support our work, which enables us to help even more torture victims and traumatised refugees. Therefore, we spend 3 percent of our total funds on raising awareness. DIGNITY has around 100 employees in Denmark. We spend a total of 6 percent of our budget on administration. We aim to have tight financial control to ensure that as much funds as possible are used for the fight against torture.

See also our annual report for 2016 HERE. (in danish)

Where your money goes when you support DIGNITY